Emotions Are Important

Most people think decisions can be influenced by logic, reason, and a solid argument… but that’s not actually the case. Emotions are important when it comes to decisions. Basically humans. In studies done by Antonio Damasio, people with injuries to the emotional centers of their brains couldn’t readily make decisions. Not even between a black and a blue pen.

Porn Is Good… Food Porn, That Is.

I can’t begin to explain the countless times I have thumbed through my Insta feed and worked up the heartiest appetite from the mouth-watering food shots posted by food bloggers and restaurants I follow around Cincinnati. The emotional side of my brain immediately tells me, “Go to the nearest burger establishment and gorge on the juiciest, decadent double-decker.” The rational …

Our Client, Rem Brands, goes global with H.B. Fuller!

Rem Brands, Inc. (you can find them in our client corner) has partnered with H.B. Fuller to make the global industrial adhesives manufacturer and supplier their exclusive channel for their odor-elimination technology, ODOGARD®. The patented odor removal technology will be used in H.B. Fuller’s hygiene and disposable absorbent products category. It’s a big move for the Kentucky-based company, so congrats, …

Strategy Sets FC Cincinnati Apart

In the eight short months leading up to FCC’s inaugural home match on April 9th, the team had sold “north of 4,000” season tickets (with rumblings and rumors that they were one of the top-selling teams in their league). By FCC’s second home match, Cincinnatians packed the stands at Nippert Stadium with a record setting 20,000-fan turnout.

Can Your Product Deliver Your Purpose?

For the last seven years, Coca-Cola has focused on their “Open Happiness” marketing campaign. Beginning this year, their new CMO, Marcos de Quinto, wants to steer the corporation in a different strategic direction: product-centric advertising. Ultimately, Coke wants to improve sales and believes that product-focused advertising is the way to do that. But are they moving away from purpose-driven marketing …